RTI Rails

Are you overwhelmed with RTI paperwork? Do you want to focus on students first and paperwork second?
Kids First RTI Rails is an evidence-based, easy and efficient program that allows you to manage your RTI paperwork effortlessly. RTI Rails was created by teachers, for teachers. It’s simple, streamlined approach allows teachers and administrators to focus on KIDS FIRST.

Create Student Plans
An easy-to-complete template houses all the information necessary to create a student intervention plan including demographics, current data, vision and hearing screening, and other relevant information.

Document Progress Monitoring
A simplified data entry log allows teachers to easily enter data points and other relevant documentation. Grades are automatically graphed, providing a visual representation of student progress in relationship to the aim line.

Generate Reports Automatically
Administrators and teachers will no longer need to spend valuable time creating reports to send to their district office. Reports are generated as information is added to each student report.

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