Kids First Scholarship Foundation

The Kids First Education Scholarship Foundation was established to generate funding and resources to help address the teacher shortage nationwide. Our approach is straightforward and long-term: 1) encourage K-12 students to consider teaching as a career, 2) provide financial assistance to aspiring teachers enrolled in K-12 teacher education programs, and 3) serve as a mentor to Kids 1st teacher candidates on their journey to a degree and licensure.

Kids First Scholarship Recipients

Andrew Crape

Andrew Crape

In honor of Ms. La’Keisha Johnson, 2021 Rural Teacher of The Year. Andrew is attending Blue Mountain Christian College.

Emma Watson

Emma Watson

In honor of Dr. John Mark Cain, MASA 2022 Superintendent of The Year. Emma is attending Meridian Community College.

Kylie Burnette

Kylie Burnette

In honor of Ms. Susan Spiers, 2022 Rural Teacher of The Year. Kylie is attending MS Gulf Coast Community College.

Kaitlyn <br />Ward</br>


In honor of Dr. Lundy Brantley, MASA 2023 Superintendent of The Year. Kylie is attending East Central Community College.

Kaylee Taylor

Kaylee Taylor

In honor of Mr. Kenneth Watson, 2023 Rural Teacher of the Year. Kaylee is attending East MS Community College.

Tamara Finklea

Tamara Finklea

In honor of Ms. Louise Smith, 2023 MDE Teacher of the Year. Tamara is attending MS Gulf Coast Community College.

Wesley <br />Jobs</br>


In honor of Dr. Caterria Payton, 2023 MDE Administrator of The Year. Wesley is attending the University of Southern MS.

Heart 2 Heart

The Heart 2 Heart project was started by KIDS 1st Co-Founder, Chuck Poer, for the purpose of giving life to the stories and heart songs of educators. Chuck’s book, Heart 2 Heart, was published in August of 2020, and is a collection of life-shaping accounts from Chuck and his oldest son Hayden, as well as KIDS 1st Co-Founder Cellie Scoggin, KIDS 1st coaches and specialists, and career educators who have dedicated their lives to serving KIDS. These Heart 2 Heart narratives are authentic and powerful with heart-warming accounts and strategies that motivate and inspire, anchored with a sincerity that will sustain over time.

We at KIDS 1st invite you to hear our story and join us in placing KIDS 1st. We hope that you will consider ordering your own copy of Heart 2 Heart by clicking on the link below. Proceeds from the sale of Heart 2 Heart will go to the Kids 1st Scholarship Fund. Kids 1st scholarships will be awarded annually to aspiring teachers enrolled in K-12 teacher education programs.

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